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  • The ELSEDIMA Conference is already a consecrated name. Babeş-Bolyai University, in cooperation with the Regional Center for Major Industrial Accidents Prevention (CRAIM), within the previous editions of the Conference of environmental legislation, safety engineering and disaster management, managed to bring together experts belonging to different fields of activity by the specific approached themes.
  • Thus, in 2001 the first edition of the international conference ELSEDIMA-RO took place in the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the “Babeş-Boyai” University from Cluj-Napoca. The proposed thematic guaranteed a high standard by means of the plenary conferences and of the academic environment of the activities.
  • The presented papers concentrated on the aspects approached in the safety studies and reports, the obligations of the economic agents, the local communities’ right to knowledge, risk communication, risk management, decision making, emergency plans, and risk assessment strategies. These complex activities need a permanent co-operation between the stakeholders. Pursuant to this, the organizers intended to enlarge the sphere of information, knowledge and action in this region.