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ELSEDIMA-RO V (2006) Quality and environmental safety management represents a field of interest in research, regarding especially the following:

  • Implementation of the APELL programme in Romania,
  • Disaster management in the context of the Seveso Directives,
  • Safety, health and environment,
  • Decision making for ensuring the environmental quality.

The themes proposed by the ELSEDIMA ensure the assimilation of the necessary knowledge for approaching the issues of environmental protection and of economic progress in the context of the sustainable development.

The thematic proposed by ELESEDIMA conference, environmental safety management, represents one of the interest and actuality fields for realizing a co-operative basis on national and international level, in order to implement the major industrial accidents prevention and technological disaster management policies:

  • Seveso II Directive,
  • safety studies and reports;
  • obligations of the economic agents and communities’ right to know,
  • risk communication and management,
  • decision making,
  • emergency plans,
  • risk assessment strategies and residual risk level assessment;
  • residual risk in the case of old plants and technologies,
  • exposure analysis and public health.

ELSEDIMA proposes the organization of scientific events that bring together fundamental fields of researching and managing the environment and sets as objective increasing the Romanian research visibility by:

  • implementation of the APELL programme in Romania,
  • disaster management in the context of Seveso Directives,
  • safety, health and environment,
  • decision making for ensuring the environmental quality,
  • strengthening national and international co-operation; similar research structures in the European region.

The 5th edition of the international conference in the field of environmental safety with the topic „ Environmental legislation, safety engineering and disaster management” entitled: “Environmental Safety Management” took place in Baia Mare, in July 31, 2006.

Continuing the success of previous editions, in 2006, ELSEDIMA gathered 154 participants: important governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations, academic institutions and stakeholders.

The papers presented during the day focused on raising community awareness regarding accidents and the risk they are exposed to, economical agents' requirements to inform the population and the right to know of the local communities, risk communication, risk management and decisions' taking, emergency planning and risk assessment strategies. It is very important when a disaster occurs, regardless of its nature and cause, the population to be ready for these situations, and the authorities to be capable to take all the necessary protection and safety measures.

All the articles and discussions held during the conference demonstrated the need and the importance of adequate and complete information for the local communities, as it is obvious that a prepared and informed population will be able to respond rapidly and more efficiently to unpredicted situations, like high risk situations.

The conference was followed by a summer school “Training the Trainers in Environmental Security Management” based on presenting and accumulating theoretical and practical knowledge, as the thorough study is possible only by practical experiments, exercises and debates.

We have already the support of Ministry of Research and Education’s by winning the October competition of the Excellency’s Research Programme 2005, and its development leads both to the development and deepening of the research directions in the field of new sciences and applications, being directly practicable on research development and participation to European programmes, and to the consolidation of a competitive position of the Romanian science on the international level. By its specific objectives, the project is included within the national programme, and a result of the project will be the setting of international co-operation relationships with participation to the European projects. Environmental safety represents a priority among fields of interest, both on national and international level and at the same time a real possibility to promote participation to European and international programmes. By its interdisciplinary character, the proposed field opens the perspective of co-operation in:

  • Disaster management,
  • Awareness and preparedness for emergencies at local level by implementing the APELL programme,
  • Decision making in roder to ensure the environmental quality,
  • Safety, health and environment, 
  •  The Seveso Directive,
  • Elaboration of the safety programmes and reports,
  • Integrated prevention and pollution control,
  • The risk management programme,
  • Risk communication,
  • Elaboration of emergency plans,
  • Strategies for residual risk due to old technologies and plants, etc.